How Much does Bouldering Cost – List of All Expenses.

How much does bouldering cost

For your first days of Indoor Bouldering, you do not need to buy any expensive Gear – you can rent all the essentials directly at the Gym.

How much does Bouldering Cost?

The average cost for an Indoor Bouldering Gear is around $ 130 USD. This includes:
Climbing shoes ($80)
Chalk bag ($20)
Chalk ($10)
Entrance fee to the gym ($20).
For bouldering outdoors, you may want to invest in a Bouldering Crash Pad ($200) and a Chalk brush ($10).

Bouldering is a pretty minimalist Sport and to get started you do not need tons of Equipment. All you need is a pair of climbing shoes, and some chalk to keep your hands dry. 

Heel hock bouldering
Indoor bouldering – Shoes and Chalk

Approximate Prices of essential Bouldering Gear:

Entrance Fee (Day pass)    $ 15  -20
Climbing Shoes    $ 80 – 150
Chalk Bag    $ 20 
Chalk    $ 10 
Cost to start bouldering:= $ 130 USD 
Chalk Brush     $ 10
Crash Pad (Outdoor)    $ 200 – 400
Brush and Crash Pad (Outdoor)

How much does Bouldering cost (Including Rental Gear)

If you haven’t any gear at all, it will cost you about 20 Dollars to start your first bouldering session. Children and students usually pay even fewer Entrance fees.  

Entrance Fee    $ 15 – 20 
Rent (Climbing shoes, Chalkbag)    $ 5 – 10
Total Cost = $ 20 – 30 USD 

Save Money on the Entrance Fee

You will get a much better deal for monthly subscriptions or annual Memberships. So as soon as you decide you like Bouldering (which you definitely will) you should think about a longtime Membership. 

Save Money on Rental Gear

Renting Climbing shoes and Chalk will add up pretty fast. So get your own climbing shoes as soon as possible. Also – those stinky rental shoes are not something you want to use on a regular basis – trust me. 

Basic Gear for Bouldering

1. How much do Climbing shoes cost (around $ 80)

There is no difference between shoes for climbing and bouldering.
As a beginner, you do not want to buy one of the expensive models. A good shoe for a beginner will cost you around $ 80 and these shoes are perfectly fine for your first year of bouldering. 

Best climbing shoes
Testing different shoes

Look for a fairly comfortable shoe with a beginner shape – which means a pretty flat sole.
As a beginner, you do not want an “aggressive shaped” shoe with lots of downturn (Banana-shape), simply because your feet are not used to the pressure and they will quickly start to hurt you. 

Best climbing shoes Review
Top 9 – Climbing shoes

Further tips on sizing and the differences between certain shoes: “Climbing shoe Review”

2.How much does a Chalkbag cost (around $ 20)

It’s a bag for the Chalk powder – and that’s pretty much all there is to it. Chalk bags differ in Design and also in quality – especially when it comes to the closure system.

But honestly, even the cheapest version of a chalk bag will do its job just fine.

Chalkbag bouldering
Pretty much any chalk bag will do

3.Chalk (Price around $ 10)

There are differences in quality but for the start, a “Standard Chalk” will do just fine. I even tested a bunch of different Chalks from all price ranges – if you are interested check it out here.

Best Chalk climbing
I tested all kinds of chalk

If you just want some good chalk and be done with it – choose this one: Black Diamond White Gold.

4.Boulder Brush (Cost around $ 10)

These brushes look a bit like big toothbrushes and are used to clean the climbing holds from excess Chalk. This will increase the grip for your next try.

Most Climbing and Bouldering Gyms have brushes lying around. So as a beginner you do not necessarily need your own brush. 

Boulder brush
Chalk brush

5.Bouldering Crash Pad (Cost around $ 200)

You only need a Crash Pad if you want to boulder outdoors. Obviously for your safety when falling and landing.

Sure you can go bouldering also without a pad, as long as you are not climbing up to high or risk a fall. If you are serious about bouldering though you definitely want a good bouldering pad.

Bouldering-Beginner Outdoor
Bouldering Crash Pad

What clothes to wear for Bouldering?

There are clothes specifically designed for climbing and Bouldering – but as long as your clothes have the following 4 traits you are fine: 

  • Comfort: Just any sports clothes will do. 
  • Freedom of movement: Stretchy materials are best.
  • Lightweight and breathable: Keep cool and sweat less.
  • Pants: You want to be able to see your feet (shorts are fine too)
  • Shirt: Not too wide and baggy so it does not get in the way.

What to wear Climbing / Bouldering?
As long as your movements are not restricted – pretty much everything goes. Click for further information and a couple of real-life examples of what climbers like to wear. 

What to wear bouldering climbing
Tips and Examples

How much does it cost to start Climbing?

  • A detailed list of all expenses.
  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • All essential gear
  • Entrance fee climbing gym
how much does rock climbing cost

Additional Gear for Bouldering

In-between shoes
Meaning: shoes for in-between bouldering attempts on the wall. You want something comfy to slip in and out fast and easy. Either some flip-flops, crocs, or just some comfy sneakers. 

what to bring bouldering
Shoes – for “In between”

Keep warm
Bring a jacket or sweater to keep you warm in periods of no bouldering – also known as the time you just hang out, rest, and enjoy watching others solving their boulder problems. You want to keep those muscles warm and ready for your next attempt. 

clothes climbing
Keep warm

Tape is used to protect the skin of your hands and fingers: 

  1. To prevent your skin from ripping. 
  2. To protect parts that are already ripped.

Tape is also used for structural support of tendons, joints, and pulleys.
In bouldering and climbing, it is common practice to use tape to prevent injuries and provide additional support.

Tape climbing
Tape for support or protection

Skincare for hands and fingers
Skincare and even more important Skin-Repair. These skincare products can aid and accelerate the healing process. I have tested several of them and I found the combination of Climb-Skin and Climb-On works best for me. 

Climbon skincare climbing
Skincare – Bouldering

Training and Warum-Up Tools
Most of these Finger Training Tools do not work for building more finger strength. Nevertheless, they have some benefit to them.

I regularly use them for warming up my fingers on the way to the gym – or for Antagonist training of the finger extensor muscles. 

Training Tools Climbing Bouldering
Tools to warm up fingers

Finger strength Training
The arguably best tool for Training is the hangboard. After your technique and overall climbing skills are up to a certain level – the use of a hangboard may boost your finger strength dramatically.  

The price for a solid hangboard is around $ 50-100. 

Hangboard climbing
Hangboard – Finger Strength Training